Caroline's Sponsored Child

Hand in Hand is a UK Charity helping poor children in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Based in Flitwick, Bedfordshire.

We support children in the neighborhood of Lideta, Addis Ababa.

There are now 258 children registered on the project each attending school and receiving a hot meal each day

Sad News

We have had some sad news from the project. One of our cooks, Workeya Degfa (sponsored by The Josephs Experience) has sadly died. Workeya recently had an operation and seemed to have recovered well but was suddenly taken ill and died the next day. Two mums from the project have joined the cooks team.

A baby boy for Tesfahun (who runs the project)

Tesfahun’s wife Tigist gave birth to a healthy baby boy in October. His name is Amen.  Mum and baby Amen are doing fine.

Special needs program gets started

Getachew, one of the team who has qualified as a special Needs teacher has started work on a Special Needs programme. He has identified 31 children on the project who may need care and assistance. Helen Gorman, who visited the project on the October 2013 trip has extensive experience of special needs work here in the UK.  During her visit she spent time with Getachew and is continuing to offer advice and help. It is hoped that once established this service can be offered to the wider community around Lideta

New jobs and college courses

Two more of the older teenagers have finished their college courses and have found jobs in Addis. One as a mobile phone repair technician and another at a furniture making factory.  At present the project supports 9 students at higher education college and so far all the students leaving the project have found full time employment.

New children ready for the project 

We have just received more children for sponsorship. If your families, friends or work colleagues are interested we would be pleased to  send them a Hand in Hand Ethiopia introduction pack.

Contact Kaye on 01525715896 or

Amy and Caroline had a week away from cutting and colouring hair and flew off to Addis Ababa  to spend some time with the project.

It was an eye opening experience for both of the girls as they learned how the Centre works giving much needed support to some of the area's poorest families.